Tuesday 15 August 2017

Death Guard - Sicaran Venator

Hi all,

It's just a quick post this week as I still have a bit of a painting backlog for the upcoming Throne of Skulls this weekend.  As I write, I still have two HQ’s to finish, a squad of ten Veterans to base, as well as needing to apply transfers and weathering pigments.  Nothing like leaving it to the last minute! 

Anyways, I thought I would talk about my Sicaran Venator this time.  

First off, I love the menacing appearance of the kit and how it shares the same squat look of tank destroyers from the Second World War.  The kit itself was a nice easy build that went together very smoothly.  I would definitely recommend keeping the gun separate whilst you paint the hull, especially if you are spraying it.  The neutron beam laser itself simply slots into a rather chunky hole and is fairly robust.  The cables are simply glued on top and can also easily be added once everything else has been painted.

The Venator was the first tank I got for my Death Guard, and I have used it in nearly every game.  It has always struggled to make an impact though, as I seem to be jinxed with bad dice rolls for it, with every shot always missing or bouncing off the enemy's armour.  

It has spent multiple games exchanging fire with Darien’s Venator, both harmlessly pinging away at each other for the entirety of the game.

I know some in the community are not a fan of the new Punisher variant and how the gun is supported on the turret of the tank.  I initially didn't like it, and thought they should have mounted the rotary cannon into the hull, much the same way they did with the neutron beam laser on the Venator.  However, after seeing the Punisher on Sunday at the Forgeworld Open Day, it has grown considerably on me, to the point where I’d quite like to buy one.

What have your experiences with the Sicaran been?


  1. Awesome job! Tank looks wonderful!

  2. Wonderful job, great colours, and pattern. Good stuff

  3. Building a Venator at the moment but I'm having trouble getting the right hand track unit to line up with hull though.

  4. Damn I love the Sicaran chassis. That is a great looking tank. Well done.

  5. My experience with the Venator in game is exactly the same as yours :-D but it just looks to good not to take in the army. My Venator was the second tank I painted for my Sons of Horus, and it's been in everygame since.... Not doing anything :-P

  6. I like the sicaran chassis and your venator looks ace. (I do not like the plasma or whirlwind missile variants of the sicaran though.) The punisher is fine but I do not see it outperforming the base variant unless its against a blob of poorly armoured infantry.

    I seem to be blessed with a Venator that likes hard to kill targets but struggles with weaker ones. So far I have killed 4 Land raiders and two Spartans as well as about twenty leman russ's with it, but failed to destroy a hellhound despite shooting at it for three turns.

    (I left the lascannon sponsons off mine though the laser being ordinance nudged me into keeping the model standard, as 2 snap fire lascannons are not worth 50 points)