Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Necromunda terrain: Platform painting guide

Hi all

Kaelo and I are putting some time in to complete a collection of gaming terrain before Necromunda is released (hopefully for or before Xmas). 

We have between us:
2x Shadow War Armageddon boxes
5x Ferratonic Incinerators
2x Galvanic Magnavents

That should give us a decent amount of terrain for the upcoming release of Necromunda (hopefully before Xmas). 
I was given this scheme (and shown in detail) by the studio painter of the Shadow War Armageddon terrain range. He was gracious enough at Warhammer Fest to give me a very appreciated demonstration there. Great guy too. 

 1) Undercoat Chaos Black. 

2) with a Games Workshop Scenery brush, do a heavy drybrush of your base colour (Death World Forest in this case) in circular motions clockwise over the whole surface and then repeat anti-clockwise. This way it hits from all angles and leaves a good Shadow in the recesses. 

3) with a small drybrush, do a targeted drybrush of a brass, dark gold or silver (your choice) onto the mechanical pieces protruding through gaps in the walkway. 

4) Drybrush in circular motions all over in both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations, screaming skull lightly (see pics for the level you are aiming for. Yes even over the brass.

5) We need to make the brown wash mix: Take a pot of Mournfang brown and give it a good shake. Open a new pot of Lahmian Medium and take the Mournfang Brown, the amount of paint you want to transfer is "two plops" of Mournfang brown tipped to drop into the open Lahmian Medium (as this is a Base paint it is quite pigment heavy so won't just pour out). Then when you have the two plops in the Lahmian Medium, give the mixture a good shake. 
6) Get some Andrex napkins to hand. 
7) With a large wash brush, flood (not paint as you will get tide marks) a large section on the terrain piece with the brown wash concoction you made, then immediately with the tissue, quickly wipe the surface to remove the proud surface detail, this should leave a nice brown grime in the recesses here and there. It is best to do a landing piece at a time. 

8) Allow to dry. 

9) sponge a nice dark brown here and there. Tip I was given/thing to remember is; if you keep a plain piece of paper to hand, and press the sponge with paint onto that, it will give you a true representation of what it will look like on the terrain piece. This means you will have the opportunity to check out what you are about to put on the terrain piece (which helps you avoid sponging too heavily or firmly).
I personally like a mix of 1:1:1 Abaddon black, Dryad Bark, Warplock Bronze as it quite realistically looks like the chipped grime you may see on the back of Lorries. 
Sponge this sparingly but feel free to build it up here and there. 

10) now this is going to be difficult to explain, for this go down to the last picture then come back up. 
Ok so you see how the right of the picture looks browner than the left, this is done by a feathering technique. Firstly open your Lahmian and brown mix. Get your Large wash brush. Dip it in 75% in to water then pull it out so it is holding a bit of water but not flooded (not dripping). Then dip 30% of the brush into the Lahmian and brown mix. This means that the tip will paint brown, but the rest of the brush will be mostly clear. Now put the tip into the corner of a platform segment and keep the brush almost horizontal and feather it back and forth whilst slowly pulling away from the corner. The brown will get thinner and thinner as you go over the water so it looks like the grime builds up in the corner fades away towards the centre. See pic again for a full understanding. Fun fact, the Studio painter also used this technique on the cover pieces of the Shadow War terrain sets, even the recesses on the big tanks.
11) enjoy because all is done.

Well as you can see we are happy with the result. Next time: Stanchions

Drake and Kaelo


  1. Awesome guide! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely, very similar to the WarhammerTV tutorial, bet you wish you scheduled this post earlier now ;) ha ha. Great stuff, nice to see mere mortals get same results as our Liege Duncan.

    1. Lol. Damn. Haven't seen that. You got a link?


      Last week.

    3. No coincidence. Same guy the Bunnies talked to.

      Still a great method for doing a lot of Sector Mechanicum terrain in a hurry.

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  4. This guide is excellent. Thanks for sharing!