Thursday, 24 August 2017

Legio Custodes Sagittarum Guard Squad 1


The Legio Custodes continues to grow. Today we have the first of 2 Sagittarum Guard squads.

Custodian squad leader - Kofun 
Custodian - Augustus
Custodian - Qin Shi
Custodian - Raja
Custodian - Yuri

Squad Kofun provide the custodes with ranged support. They aim to keep their brothers in combat from getting swamped by to many enemies, thinning the ranks that are coming to provide support. 

In the Web Way Squad Kofun held high ground during several assault from the Neverborn on the bastions that the Legio had created within the ancient cities of the Eldar. They stared down endless hordes and kept there hands on the tigger with each bullet killing yet another Neverborn. 

Happy hobby!



  1. Great, what's the gun stats like? Effective or meh? Look great though, nice addition to the CC Heavy Custodes

    1. It's essentially a heavy bolter, but with a combi death ray underneath that isn't one use only! It's still a heavy weapon for the main gun but the death ray is assault!