Thursday, 31 August 2017


Some people will be waking up this morning excited for the day ahead. Some will be waking up and their day is already made. You people may as well go straight back to bed, cos' the day ain't going to get no better. Necromunda is coming. And it looks damn good. 

Now the standard board looks decidedly like a Zone Mortalis Board!

Looks as though there are some small bits of scatter terrain too though. 

Escher are one of the gangs (and they look awesome). 

Goliath (decent versions of them thankfully) make up the other force. 

Goliath gang 

Escher gang

The fancy photos of the 3D terrain shows the Shadow War Armageddon terrain sitting on or used in conjunction with the Zone Mortalis board (oh throne yes!!!). This will present different ways of playing this great game in the box, be it coridoor level or high level on a giant frame of interlocking gantries. 

The great thing is; the Battle Bunnies have put a lot of effort into a Zone Mortalis board already and are working to complete SWA terrain now. 

The art looks incredible too. 

I'm so pleased with the job that Specialist Games are doing right now, this is just better than all imaginings. Even the video is awesome. 

Drake Seta


  1. I'm pretty glad the board is flat underhive, means I can get out my original terrain and gangs. I'll rebase the gangs on Industrial Bases. Really stoked for this release!

  2. I'd be more pleased if they released plastic terrain for it instead of just having cardboard tiles and super-expensive Zone Mortalis ones.

  3. I don't like where this is going, tbh.

    Sure, the models are great, the trailer was great, but I have my doubts. I sincerely hope Shadow War was a sort of "test" for GW to see whether or not the ruleset was still considered "fun". Part of the fun of Necromunda was the campaign system and ruleset. It was quick and fun, and had the potential for great stories.

    Judging by the board, we're not going to get anything like that. It looks like Space Hulk, something you can have or two games in an evening, with nothing to tie them together. This game will not give us a story, I don't think.

    Then again, we haven't seen the ruleset, so maybe I might be totally wrong.

    1. I am with you on this. Shadow War would have been great if the entire game were to be released. I'm not a fan of the tiles, when the original had awesome 3d terrain. All they needed to do is release a 3d version of the original terrain, plastic the gangs, and update the rules.

  4. I reckon this looks like it's going to be a great remake. So nice to see some amazing looking Goliath gangers too. I always wanted to play a Goliath gang, but could never do it because even for the time, those minis were SO bad. I'm gonna blow a lot of cash on this release.

  5. As good as they look, there's no sign of juves among the starter figures and that worries me a little. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to it. We can always whip out the old campaign rules if they weaken them like they did in Shadow Wars. That's what I really liked about the original… when it comes to the battles themselves, I actually had more fun with Gorkamorka. Loved the vehicles, the hand-to-hand combat, fewer arguments over how much cover a mini was in… but the theme and minis were a stumbling block for a lot of potential players.