Friday 1 September 2017

Horus Heresy No Retreat II


You may remember back in March that I attended the very first No Retreat Horus Heresy in Gibraltar. It was a brilliant event and I played in 5 very good games, including one of my all time favourite games that I have played, it was against a beautiful White Scars army (This game is a huge part in why I will be creating my own White Scar legion in the near future! Keep you eyes on the blog in the coming months to find out more). The event was run by the team at SN Battle Reports and they very kindly awarded me with an SN Award for my Sons of Horus army.

As soon as they advertised No Retreat II my application went in! This week I received my official invitation in the post. The event is 30th September - 1st October.

The SN team do a fantastic job with the invitations.

The wooden box comes sealed with wax (no real wax included) and a collection of goodies on the inside. 

These boxes are such a nice touch and really add to what is an awesome experience. 

This time we are playing with 3000 point armies, I have decided to essentially take the same list as last time but with an extra 500 points! So here is the list that I am taking:

Rite of War: Primarch's Chosen


9 Justaerin 
9 Justaerin 
10 Justaerin

Contemptor (fist and multi-melta)
Contemptor Mortis (double kheres)

Fast Attack:
9 Reavers with a dreadclaw

Really looking forward to the event now! Any body else coming to NRII or been to any of there other events?



  1. Such a beautifully presented event.

  2. Can't believe how there's just one comment on how great this box is, especially for an invite. <3