Sunday 3 September 2017

Weekly Progress Report 03/09/2017

Hi all

So it has been a teaserific week. The world is hyped for Necromunda and all goodies that it brings, which has got the group revisiting our old interest in hive warfare. 

 Atia started to work on a Death Guard Dreadnought!

Ahmose has kept chipping away this week.  He has almost got his Moritat finished and has started work on a Castellax.

Darien spent his hobby time undercoating Smaug. He also fixed the front of his storm eagle that he badly built a few years ago!

I have finished my two Warhounds (see on Wednesday for some pics) and have kept myself busy with a few little projects. With Necromunda coming I have re-aligned my Zone Mortalis requirements, as well as the Shadow War Armageddon board/terrain. I have painted the below over 8 hours. As you can also see in the background I have lots more to go!

Drake Seta


  1. Loving the OOP dread.

    Very nice effect on the terrain as well there. A table of that will look very well.

    1. Yeah he is so much better than the stock helbrute imo <3

    2. I'm trying to find the old Night Lord one!

  2. Defo agree with Rory, I'm curious how you achieved that white colour, I'm trying to figure out a recipe that'll give me something like that, any chance you could tell me how you managed it?

    1. Hi Andrew. I will be doing a post on it soon.