Monday, 4 September 2017

Emperor's Children: Update 4

Hello all!

Progress has been steady on my Emperor's Children project. I am approaching the painting stage, hopefully within the next month or so. I have been looking at the list I will be able to build out of all the units that I have built so far. I have sort of settled on list that I think will play how I want. Once the last few bits are done hopefully I will be able to get some practice games in as they are going to play very differently to my Sons of Horus First Company.

One thing I noticed while list building is that I seem to have very few vehicles and it is going to be a very infantry heavy army!

I have completed building my Pheonix guard, they are very pretty models! They should be a blast to paint!

I did notice that the arms on these models don't make an anatomical sense as they seem to be above the head...

Oh well they still look damn cool! 

Happy hobby! 



  1. How do you intend to use the Phoneix Guard? As I've only ever faced 5 man squads and they seem fairly weak compared to other legion specific terminators (like Firedrakes).

    1. They aren't the best! They need to charge and do plenty of damage in the first round and hopefully win, otherwise they will be in trouble! I will be running them at a unit of 10 most of the time and will aim to change stuff they can handle easily. Avoiding other terminators where possible!

    2. Are you going to go Heavy with the Phoenix Guard Numbers (like you did with the Justaerin).

    3. No just the one squad at the moment, unless someone guys 50 iron hands terminators and we can have a giant fight will fulgrim and ferrus fight on istvaan 5!

  2. I think they're a lot like the older classic metal Terminators, I always pictured the Marine inside to be hunched forward somewhat in order to get the armour's head and arms into the default pose.

    Looking forward to seeing these complete. I hope that FW are doing alright without Mr Bligh, I'd like a bit of assurance on the progress of Angelus...