Thursday, 21 September 2017

An Army Review and Projects New

Hi All,

As you may have seen from the most recent Weekly Progress Report, I’ve been looking into starting a new Legion as my Iron Warriors are sitting at a fairly happy amount of points and I’d like a second army that plays differently to them. Before I go rushing off into exciting new projects though, I thought I’d take the time to go back through the Iron Warriors who are by far the largest painted army I’ve ever amassed (Usually I’m struck by a bad case of hobby butterfly and can’t stick with a project for long!).

I was shamelessly bullied into building a Heresy army by Darien, who I hold solely responsible for the ruinous amounts of cash Forgeworld now extracts from me! I started out with a fair few models at once, which in hindsight was not the best idea. I painted a few Tactical Marines up before quickly becoming bored and looking for another project, which meant that the army was stalled for quite some time before it got going. The army pre-dates the Burning of Prospero, so there's a lot of resin!

I soon bullied Ahmose into starting Heresy as well, and before long I was having regular games with both he and Darien; I found this was a great way to keep up the painting motivation and the army progressed a little more steadily. Ahmose and I signed up for the Heresy doubles event at the start of the year, and I suddenly had to have 1000pts painted up and ready to game; with about a month to go, I started painting them properly and managed to have the army completed in time to get utterly crushed at Warhammer World…

My crowing achievement has to be spending weeks and weeks gathering enough plastic Cyclone Missile Launchers to build my ten Tyrant Siege Terminators, then painting them all up just in time for Forgeworld to preview their own kit...

Unperturbed, the army carried on growing and I eventually painted my very first Primarch – They’re amazing kits; if you’ve not done one, you really should!

I decided to convert up a model as my Warsmith, and after lots of planning, Astraeus Dyradon was created… next time I’ll use bits from a smaller number of kits!

I continued to get regular games in with the army and they’ve slowly crept up to around 3500 points of painted models…

It's at this stage I find that I don't actually have a full army photo of them... I don't have a board at home so you'll have to wait until I next visit Warhammer World and borrow one of their tables!

At present, the army stands as:

10 Terminators
20 Tactical Marines
10 Havocs
10 Tyrant Siege Terminators
Spartan Assault Tank
2 Rhinos

The Iron Warriors have been a brilliant project to catapult me into the Horus Heresy; I've learned a lot from doing them, and will be making some changes to how I will be approaching my next Legion project. I may add more to them over time, but for now, I'm pausing the project to focus on something new.

Looking back through the photos of the army has been quite fun, and I've picked out only a handful here; I'll certainly be taking plenty of photos of my next project, which I'll be discussing in my next post!




  1. Nice amount there. Could always add 10 Breachers and 10 more Tactical Marines should you feel the need to revisit them. They look great too.
    I'm looking forward to your next project.

    1. I've got another 10 Tacticals and a Rhino which are in a semi-painted state... just got that new Legion feeling, so they'll have to wait until I've got the Iron Warriors mojo back!

  2. Mwahahahahaha! I'm glad my bully worked! Can't wait to see the new legion come together!

  3. What are your thoughts on domitar-ferrum? I'm picking up some already painted IW on Saturday (about 2000/2500 points) and feel that a domitar-ferrum would be a good addition!
    I'm also thinking of adding it to my Salamanders as part of a shattered legion force!!

    1. They're giant killy robots... they're good in my book! Great for protecting an Iron Warrior character, you do have to play aggressively with them though as they cost a lot to field!