Monday 18 September 2017

No Retreat Horus Heresy II: Army List and Photos


You may have seen one of my previous posts about SN Battle Reports No Retreat Horus Heresy II event that I am attending in just under 2 weeks! I finally got around to playing with the army in it's final form and I was also able to snap an army photo to share with you.

The list follows many of my standard ideas when it comes to my Sons of Horus First Company. It is based around The Justaerin standing by Horus' side. We will walk and deepstrike then hit things until the die from it!

I am using Primarch's Chosen RoW. We will all be using 3000 points for the event, an increase of 500 points from the first version of the event that I attended. I have used exactly the same army as before but adding in 500 points more!

Chaplain with power fist

9 Justaerin
9 Justaerin
10 Justaerin

Contemptor multi-melta, fist with heavy flamer, extra armour
Contemptor Mortis, 2 Kheres

Fast attack
9 Reavers, 2 power fists, 3 power swords, dreadclaw drop pod.

The Justaerin are armed with a mix of weapons. 1 squad had 5 combi-meltas and multi-melta, 1 has 5 combi-plasma and a heavy flamer and the third has 2 reaper auto cannons. The melee weapons are a mix selection of axes, fists, chain fists and dual lightning claws.

I'm getting exciting for the event now! Just need to work out how I'm going to transport the models this time around as they won't fit in the case I took last time, the dreadclaw causing the biggest problem! I think it will have to go in the hold of the plane possibly! 

Any one else heading to this No Retreat or been to any others? 



  1. Sell me your Sons of Horus. My Death Guard have army envy from all those terminators, good stuff dude.