Sunday 17 September 2017

Weekly Progress Report 17/09/2017

Hi all. 

Another week of hobby progress. 

Ahmose has slowly started working on Magnus this week.  He's hoping to have him a lot closer to completion by tithe end of next week.

Darien started the massive project of painting his 6x4 Zone Mortalis board! Many spray cans were used! He also built most of a Rhino for his Emperor's Children.

After fixing up his airbrush, Ikthelion has been testing out new undercoats and paint schemes for another legion project - watch this space!

Aveinus has started to base his ork boyz this week and should have the first squad done and ready to post very soon

I have been quite low on the time for hobby front this week, but still found time to get some work done on some ladders. 
Expect to see lots more Shadow War Armageddon posts these few weeks. 

Drake Seta

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