Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Thousand Sons - Tactical Support Squad

Hi all,

I thought I would todays post to talk about one of my Thousand Sons unit that has become somewhat of a staple in my army. 

First off, I know that they are from the most competitive choice for an army, but I felt that I just had to include some rotor cannons as they fit a Thousand Sons theme.  The models themselves were relative easy to assemble with minimal flash.  I was a bit nervous about bending the ammo feeds, but it was relatively painless.

Despite the low strength of the rotor cannon, they do have their uses.  A basic squad of five still throw out twenty shots which is nothing to sneeze at.  This is even more impressive if you add in Asphyx shells, allowing rerolls to wound, and pick the cult arcana which allows you to reroll ones to hit.  If you want to make them even more effective, try using them on a target which has had misfortune cast on it!  All of a sudden the low strength isn’t such an issue!

I think the best result I have managed with them is glancing the side armor of a Vindicator to death, knocking off all three hull points in a turn.  Given the two perks available to Thousand Sons I’m not sure if I’d run them with a different legion.

What have your experiences been using rotor cannons?


  1. I got on quite well with Rotor Cannons against most forces but Legionaires. They look so good, but are just relatively ineffective against a Space Marine.

  2. I have two squads of ten of these for my Thousand Sons and they’ve been great so far!