Sunday, 24 September 2017

Weekly Progress Report 24/09/2017

Hi all

Another week of hobby grind and it's results. 

Ikthelion has been experimenting with base coats and reds in preparation for his next legion project; it's not a colour he's worked with before so there's been a few trial runs!

Work has slowly continued on Magnus this week.  Ahmose has also managed to get a Rhino built ready for a painting course next weekend.

Darien has been working on his Zone Mortalis. It was all sprayed silver and The a zenith of silver added. Zandri dust is now being applied.

Atia used this week to work on Mortarion, Daemonprimarch of Nurgle!

I have been ploughing on with painting metal work on Necromunda gangways. It is getting face-meltingly tedious now, but I'm pushing on. Did manage to put some time into some apparatus too. 
Drake Seta 


  1. Enjoying the updates on the necromunda terrain, myself and my mates have used your floor tile method for our own stuff. Aiming to get enough done in time for the launch in November. Also thanks for the tutorial on the grime mixture, I use it all the time now!

  2. I acquired 1500 points of Iron Warriors so working out what extra to add as this will be my next legion project after I finish my Salamanders!!

  3. I have decided to end my legion project once I have finished painting the last units. I'll have to send pictures of it once it's done for your legions on parade segment.

    I have also decided to start work on some mechanicum allies as I already do Skitarii so it's not a long shot. Any recommendations for unit composition for a fun, semi competitive, but still fluffy army to ally to my ultramarines?

  4. Progress this week was picking up transfers for Raven Guard, Fist and the Rout whilst at Warhammer World for the signing.
    Btw ADB pretty much confirmed he would be doing Curze in the Primarch series and wouldn't be doing Sanguinius as, "he wanted to write about him later".