Wednesday 18 October 2017

Homebrew Zone Mortalis Transfer sheets

Hi all

With Necromunda around the corner and my Zone Mortalis tiles being all but complete, I have decided I need to hit the accelerator to bring these to completion.

So one thing I wanted more of was detail on the bare tiles here and there. So I decided to get my AutoCAD program up and have a bash at getting some transfers made.
Here are the results:

So here is the first three sheets.

As you can see I have done some bits which are designed to fit over four squares. If printed off the grey line is still slightly visible (which helps deciding where to cut).


So as these transfers are all black printed on clear water slide paper, they are very forgiving and easy to use.
Cut along lines (with steel rule and scalpel), then around the transfer itself where the extents past the black is not needed.

Like so. Once more I recommend using a small plate/saucer with a bit of kitchen roll soaked through, place the transfer segment on top and it absorbs the water and maintains more of the adhesive (compared to just dunking it in water).

Micro Sol and Micro Set are ideal for this as the surfaces are slightly textured and so need a little softening to fit properly (see our other posts on Micro Sol for more info on how to use).

A good fit.
 Storage area text. Once more flooded with a bit of Micro Sol.

Then when it has done it's business a damp kitchen roll or moist cotton wool stick
  is used to push the transfer flat to the surface and remove air bubbles.
Voila. Nice and flat.

Transfers can be used for walls too.

Mechanicum iconography.

OY!!! you This is Epsilon Level. . . . get outta 'ere!!

V43 is this way . . .it's the ship's night club.


You can cut the segments like so to add to the floor tiles too.

or leave like this

Or you may decide to do this. If you do, bare in mind that the bolt holes will need to be cut out. I also really recommend weathering them too as the raised black areas would be scraped by footfall. 

I am planning on doing some coloured prints for white paper. BUT I STRESS: Printing on White water slide transfer paper is absolutely horrible. When you cut it out, white marks appear everywhere as the ink scratches off. The good thing with this sheet I am making though is: if you print on clear paper but paint the extents white, then the colours should come through correctly.
Drake Seta out.


  1. I'm a long time reader, first time commenter and big fan of the blog and I was wondering whether you could provide the files for the designs Drake as they are absolutely fantastic and I'd love to use them on my own zone mortalis tiles. Keep the great content coming, it's been
    great inspiration for me.

    1. Hi Glasdir. I hope to in the not too distant future :)

  2. This is great! very cool Drake. There's one other weathering trick you could try that I've been experimenting with. Once the large area transfers are set and sealed, use light sand paper to slightly take away the transfer on the raised areas. If done carefully, if gives one more layer of subtle wear and tear.

    1. Thanks for the tip Nathanuel. I will give it a go.

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