Tuesday 17 October 2017

Atia's Death Guard - The Angel of Nurgle

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just a quick showcase for Mortarion, aswell as a look on what I'm working next.

Mortarion the Reaper

The Death Lord, Angel of Nurgle, Daemonprimarch of the Death Guard

"Pain is an illusion of the senses, fear an illusion of the mind, beyond these only death waits as silent judge o'er all."

Size comparison with his past self (but that's paradox Morty!)

And a group shot with all his friends so far:

What's next on my painting table? Well, some more Death Guard, aswell as Zone Mortalis for Necromunda! Oh, and I also finished some Nurglings :)

Hope you enjoyed our first Daemonprimarch! C&C are always welcome :)

Lady Atia


  1. There's a Morbid Angel song called Angel of Disease, and that feels like pretty much exactly what I'm looking at here.

  2. That Mortarion is well and truly fantastic. Seriously well done!

    Now, beyond that, there's a few things that I'm genuinely surprised with. Morty really did swell up with his transition between 30K and 40K. I mean, he might just be retaining water or... whatever else, but I didn't realize just how big the size variance was between the two versions of him. Chalk that up to never having seen the 40K version in person.

    I do love the colours of the force: not a big fan of the green death guard myself, so seeing a more muddy version of the proper 30K scheme is fun. I rather like the more pale and desaturated blue smoke from some of the others, it really feels eldritch without going crazy overboard on the riotous colours (leave that for the Emperors Children, eh?) And the technical skill on the wings, the bone, just all of it in general is nice. The wings of the smaller daemons actually got me to squint wondering if they were some clear piece, that should be praise enough without making me feel daft! Those dark little hairs on the wing's radial bone is a great touch as a sort of spot colour to break up the bone. Big fan of the rust effect on the chain too, really works well.

    I think the only thing I'm not totally sold on is a composition matter with morty's model himself: the base is very busy with how many models they have. It feels almost like they needed to cram a bunch of extras in to cover up thhat nice rock outcropping, when acid or some sort of decay would have fit the bill better than some gibbering jamboree.

    I rather like that force, nice and punchy and I can't wait to see more. Dread and the drone's glowing eye does feel nice and natural, like the only bit of 'light' that escapes the rusty disease ridden hulks.

    Thanks again, eh?

    1. Hey buddy - thanks for that awesome feedback :)!

  3. Awesome work.... The Zone Mortalis conversion is looking suspiciously like one of the images of the upcoming Necromunda Tiles... something I was planning on doing myself! U somehow got sneaky access to the tile images Atia?!!

  4. Hi, sorry if this is old or not appreciated. I am VERY new to 40K. I have to ask who is the 3rd mini in the picture of the two Mortarions? I know the big one is him now, the middle is his old miniature, but who is the one on the other end?