Sunday 15 October 2017

Weekly Progress Report 15/10/2017

Hi all

Ahmose has been busy this week prepping a Xiphon and Javelin for priming. Needless to say, he has been filling a lot of gaps and now needs to order some more plastic putty. He’s hoping to get them primed this week.

Ahmose has also been practising his pre-shading transitions on a Rhino hull.

Ikthelion has continued his attempts to find a red that he likes... with little success. More paints are on their way in the post though, so he remains hopeful!

Here is how he did his Assault Cannons too. 

Kaelo has been working on some bits for his grass board. Using various materials and flocks to show worn areas and more vibrant grass. Here is a picture of some test materials:

He has been doing this in between games of Shadespire for the review on Age of Warhammer Blog. For a chance to win a copy of Shadespire head to this link:

Atia managed to finish Mortarion this week. Work on more Death Guard has already started!

I have been arranging a loan for my gaming room. Money is in hand now so hopefully it should be building momentum soon. 

Drake Seta


  1. Are Xiphons very gappy? My new one arrived this week and seems pretty good.
    That's a nice effective Assault Cannon conversion.

    1. Mine was perfect, not like the ruddy Spartan and I shudder at the thought of doing my StormEagle...

    2. That's a relief, somebody gave me one previously which turned out to be a baaaad cast.

    3. Aye, my experience is the same as Siph_Horridus, my Xiphons were perfect while the Spartan and Eagles.... ugh. Which leads me to wonder, is the Javelin that bad?

    4. Having built most of the above I can say that the xiphon I had was near perfect. The worst offenders are the storm eagle or any fellblade variant (damn those tracks! I build a glaive and a fellblade both gave me grief) but by far the worst offender for me was the Fire raptor [Parts not fitting, massive gaps, warping and moving parts.]

  2. I love that red, not sure what the issue is.

  3. Nice Assault Cannon conversion, works as that rate of Fire needs two ejection ports lol

  4. Atia's Mortarion is honestly the best version I've seen. Still not a fan of the purple though.

  5. Always great to see more Xiphons and Javelins around. The pre-shading on that rhino looks solid, most of the time I get sloppy on it so it's nice to see one clean and crisp so I remember what it looks like.

    I like the red on the angels, I guess some of the 30K books show it a bit darker, but then I worry about them looking a little on the word bearer-ish side. I still like the black trim, makes me regret using gold and solid red instead. I love the assault cannon conversion though. Hmm, I may have to try that myself. Thanks for the thought, eh?

    Atia's Morty is superb, definitely a great work and the colours feel better than I've seen on some of the others locally. Can't wait to see what they all look like together, even if I'm not the greatest fan of the gribbly, gassy, and gross 40K-style DG.

    As for the grass for the board. It looks good, but I wonder how it would look on a larger swatch to show how the full effect and transition will look.