Wednesday, 4 October 2017

VIth Battle Bunnies birthday approaches

Hi all

This Sunday the Battle Bunnies will be celebrating their 6th birthday. This means a small feast will be had to mark the occasion at my house this year. As it is the VIth year we have been a gaming group, it means we are celebrating it VIth Legion style. 

Mjød (or Mead) is the staple Vlka Fenryka beverage, so I have stocked up on this fine selection;
As I have never had it before, I am hoping it is tasty. 

Elk!! In all of the old stories about the Rout, they feasted on Elk, so I sourced some joints and they should arrive tomorrow. 

I'm getting a few other joints too to mix it up a bit. Planning on cooking them through then finishing them off on the BBQ for the flavour. 

Damn, just realised I haven't started thinking about it yet. Well look at my previous ones:

Well why the devil not. A good 'ol quiz about the Vlka Fenryka. 

Maybe a little bit of Burning of Prospero for the win :)

Anyway. Come back on Sunday for some pics. 

Drake Seta


  1. As a world eater, I'm really looking forward to your twelfth anniversary. That should be insane. Also congrats, our gaming club(beef and wing in Buffalo, N.Y.) turns six in November. We are practically the same age

  2. Congrats. That's a long time when you look back and think about it. Hopefully we shall see many more years, all the way up to 20 at least😁!

  3. Congrats. You’re in for a real treat with the mead as long as you have a sweet tooth