Sunday, 1 October 2017

Weekly Progress Report 01/10/2017

Hi all

Let's get down to it. 

Kaelo has been working on some scenery this week and has started with 36 stanchions from the Shadow War and Sector Mechanicus range.

Ikthelion has been looking for a way to improve his bases for his models. He went to his brother who suggested using fricking lasers to cut them out of plasticard...

Darien has spent the weekend in Gibraltar at SN Battle Reports No Retreat Horus Heresy II event! It's been a great weekend!

Ahmose has been upping his painting game at an MKA painting course this weekend.  Needless to say his mind has been blown!

Atia continued to work on Morty, but sadly got sick half through the week. That's what you get when you deal with Nurgle ...

I have been busy with a little bit of CAD work for Titan Owners Club members, but otherwise working late to catch up at work. Going to be a good week this week though. 

Drake Seta


  1. A quiet week but managed to dry brush the boltguns and then wash the armour for 40 tactical marines (with my girlfriend's help) as well as complete the base for a dreadnought and get a few layers on some custodes!!

  2. woah woah woah, hold on a second. Laser cutters? you have to do a full article about that. Just from a basic google search, I had no idea they make them so small, I can see cutting all sorts of plastic card for terrain. It'd be a great way to add texture on metal flat surfaces, just a row of triangles would be such a hassle to cut out by hand.

  3. The 1000W version is only $50! What version was used (500W/1000W/1500W)? How thick is the plastic and how do you get it to cut the plastic?