Sunday 29 October 2017

Weekly Progress Report 29/10/2017

Hi all

It's been a busy life week for most of the Bunnies, so progress has been low. 

Atia used this week to work on a Death Guard Tallymen - a former Master of Signal of the First Great Company.

Ahmose has spent his week on his first unit for his Sons of Horus army.  He still needs to finish the weathering and get a coat of satin on it, but it is slowly taking shape!

I have been busy at work and busy planning the Aett (my gaming room), including how many boards I could have set up at any one time. 
The northern part of the plans are my gaming cabinets and beer fridge. 

Drake Seta


  1. Wow! That one is nice looking one DG and SoH colours. Any chance that you could share scheme or step by step?

    1. Thanks buddy :)

      For me DG scheme see here:

      Hope that helps =)

  2. Lovely Damocles Command Rhino! Great stuff. Nice scheme on the DG too.