Thursday 26 October 2017

Bad Moon Orks: Ork boyz

Hello everyone,

I'm back with an update on how my Bad Moon Ork project is progressing! Its been a while since my last post but I have been working on units for both my Bad Moon Orks and my Dispossessed for Age of Sigmar.

So I have now completed my first ten Ork boyz and I have based them along with my Warboss which you can see from my last post. Like the paint scheme I have chosen to go with a simple basing scheme of Dryad Bark, Balor Brown and then Screaming skull. The intention is to get an army together relatively quickly, however, painting two armies at the same time is slowing me down.

But finally ere are da boyz!

I'm intending to have at least thirty boyz painted in total but i'll probably end up painting more eventually.

I am also half way through my next ten boyz, so I'll hopefully be able to show them off soon!

I really like the armoured look of the ork nobz so I will be using them throughout my squads of boyz, however, I will also be painting up a standard ork nob for if I want to use the nobz in a squad of their own. The burnas are now pretty tasty in the new edition of 40K, but for playing HH/GC the power klaws are always important!

Thanks again for reading, next time I have a completed Ork Trukk to show you!

Happy hobbying,

Aveinus Kaane


  1. Always nice to see some boyz getting ready for the battlefield. It might be that painted two armies helps you not burn out on doing the Orks up.

    1. Sorry Rory, had problems replying to you. It seems to be working now! Yeah I think I have to have two projects going at once or I loose interest!

  2. Hey! What model is the one with the mask? Can't find him on GW ._.

  3. He's from the ork nob kit! You get five of them and there's loads of options for customisation in there :)