Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Vlka Fenryka: Planning first 750

Hi all

With Ahmose letting you all know about our challenge yesterday I thought I would share with you my first 750pts that I am aiming to do. 

Herald: artificer armour; Banner of the Aquila; volkite serpenta; power weapon (axe); melta bombs; refractor field 135
As the Priest models for the Rout are yet to be released, I have decided to start with another type of Consul which would be a very visual part of the force. I have decided to use the actual Legion Herald as a base (as I bought the model on a whim). I am thinking about adding a banner, pelts and a beard to complete the model. 

5 Tactical Support Marines: plasma guns; chainswords; 185
I already have a few Grey Hunter units so I have decided to knock a 5 man squad up for good measure. 

Sicaran Battle Tank: auxiliary drive; 2 sponson-mounted lascannon 215
Sicaran Battle Tank: auxiliary drive; 2 sponson-mounted lascannon 215
I have two Sicarans ready to go, so why the devil not!!

So with everything else on the go (Shadow War Armageddon terrain, a garage conversion, Necromunda and Xmas), February still may be a push to get it all complete for. 

750 points

Drake Seta


  1. That’s a rather lethal list! Almost as good as mine 😜

  2. Twin Sicarans, I like it !

    Are you planning to play this as a standard Marine army for now, since you do not comply with the IV legion restriction of having your 1st HQ (the compulsory one) being a Centurion without the consul upgrade or a Praetor?

    1. And... I mistyped the legion number... :faceplam: