Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Battle Bunnies Lords of War 2017

Hi all,

My Thousand Sons project is gradually running down and I am slowly starting to run out of steam.  Needless to say, my attention is now focused on my next project.

With both my Death Guard and Thousand Sons army, I very much approached them from a hobby perspective and let my list grow organically, purchasing any old model which took my fancy.  Whilst this approach proved to be immensely fun, I suspect it is somewhat responsible for my rather impressive loss to win count, which is heavily slanted towards loss.

I think I have managed one victory with my Thousand Sons in about twenty games!  I am the first to admit that I am not the best gamer (obviously), nor do I game to win.  However, suffering defeat after defeat is rather demoralizing. 

I like to think that my Thousand Sons are a big improvement compared to my Death Guard in terms of painting and hobbying and I am keen to continue this theme with my next legion.

I was fortunate enough to go on the last MKA Tank course, where I had a go at painting a Sons of Horus rhino.  Needless to say, I was over the moon with the results.  As soon as I got home I stripped it so I could redo it and practice the new techniques I had learnt.

It goes without saying that my next legion is going to be a traitor XVIth force. 

I thought this would an excellent opportunity to try to bully the other Bunnies into starting a new force (it didn’t take much), hopefully allowing all of us to advance our fledgling forces in increments and have lots of games!

Without further ado, the runners and riders of the Battle Bunnies Lords of War 2017!

Ahmose Seuk
Sons of Horus
Drake Seta
Vlka Fenryka
Hector Cyphas
Castiel Druas
Alpha Legion
Ikthelion Orthos
Darien Vasco

The aim is to complete 750 increments, with the first lot due by the 01/02/2018.  The ultimate aim is 3000 points.  The caveat for the first round is a minimum of  one HQ and one Troop.

Stay tuned for updates soon!


  1. Is there a reason behind each person's choice? Such as opposite style to current army etc
    And will this Sons of Horus army be different to the Bunnies other Sons of Horus army (apologies I've forgotten who has it)?

  2. I always like the sort of Four Warlord articles. Looking forward to this.

  3. You know, I haven't really seen Salamanders that much on the site. I hope someone decides to put out a sizeable force for them...

    1. If you search for Atia's they're damn good.