Thursday 23 November 2017

Mechanicum - first 750 points

Hi all,

Long time, no see! I've been absent from the blog for a lot longer than I anticipated due to a huge slump in my hobby keen - have been in a bit of a hobby rut but when Ahmose pitched his Lords of War idea I figured it would be a great way to resurrect my keen.

I originally was going to do my Legio Custodes as my Lords of War project but with the others picking up new projects I decided that scrap my original plans and start something new too. Without any further a-do, here's my first 750 points:


  • Archmagos


  • Tech Thralls - 20
  • Secutarii Hoplites - 20
  • Secutarii Peltasts - 10

Very different to what my 750 points probably would have looked like for my Legio Custodes that's for sure! I can alternatively take a second squad of 20 tech thralls in the place of the Peltasts but as we only require a single troop for the first 750 points I figured I'd add a bit of variety into the mix.

As you will see as this army evolves, it's going to be fairly focused on bringing skitarii units (more of the above + Myrmidons) to the table rather than big automatons as I thought it would look pretty cool. Also, as you guys will see, I'm planning on converting the Games Workshop skitarii rangers/vanguard into tech thralls as I think it'll look pretty cool and they will match up nicely with the rest of the army.

What do you guys think? Do you guys think I'm a heretek or just plain mad focusing on the infantry and no big bad robots?

Until next time!

Hector Cephas


  1. Can't wait to see some mechanium on the blog here. I am slowly starting my personal force and just have a tech priest and thallax so far.

  2. What forge are they going to be painted as?

    1. Not sure yet, still researching that myself.

      Any psrticular favourites?