Wednesday 22 November 2017

Sector Mechanicus progress

Any progress is good progress when it comes to a large terrain project. Recently I have been working my butt off to get the 3D terrain Kaelo and I have started, ready for Necromunda: Gang War. 

A total of 12 hours of painting went into these. And I don't know why!!

So this is the current sum total of the collection we have amassed. 

Some nice lockers from a 3rd party. The old Forge World Fuel tanks :)

Promethium pipe lines. 

The stanchions are missing (Kaelo is painting those). 

Lots and lots of awesome terrain pieces. 

So hopefully all this work will pay off soon. 

Drake Seta



  1. Is that the layout you are going for but with the legs? Because if so that looks very cool.

  2. Great work so far, the joy with Terrain is even after a day of work you have a significant thing... unlike a day in a single Miniature where it might be a face or arm... and you don’t have to be super neat in all the details.

    1. Yeah I agree. It can be very forgiving.

      Are you heading up on Saturday? If so drop me an email. It would be good to meet you.

  3. would love to know what color gray you used

  4. Great work!

    Please could you share your colour scheme (in case you still have it, almost a year later)?