Sunday 19 November 2017

Weekly Progress Report 19/11/2017

Hi all

Busy week this week. Let's see what the gang all did:

Kaelo has started to work on his Goliath Gang. He followed Duncans guide with only a couple of deviations.

Darien has been continuing work on his mortalis board! 8 have now had the metal washed!

As well as continuing to paint his next ork boy squad Aveinus has been assembling 10 of 20 stormboyz. Also playing a small 40k game against Kaelo where both armies wiped each other out other than just two wounds being left on kaelos redemptor dreadnought!

I have been working on my Escher gang this week. They are getting quite far along now. I hope to finish them in the next two weeks. 

Drake Seta


  1. I really dig that purple, silver and gold scheme on those Goliaths.

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  3. Very nice Kaelo :-)
    Good progress from all.