Tuesday 5 December 2017

Bad Moon Orks: Killa Kan

Hello everyone,

I'm back to show you another update on my Bad Moon Ork army!

The next model to be completed is the Killa Kan, I have only completed one of a probable three so far though.

Although I am really happy with how this model came out, it was a pain to paint and seemed to take an age!

By spraying the model with Corax White for the undercoat, I then had to paint on the Yriel Yellow and make sure there was no white areas still showing through. Between doing this and adding the other base colours, it took a lot of perseverance to keep going back and touching areas up slightly.

I was much happier with how the base turned out on this model, I didn't rush it like I did with the Ork Boyz, so I will be going back and basing them again. I will then add a few grass tufts here and there just to add a bit more variety to the base.

Having played a few games with the Killa Kans, they are much better than they previously were but they are still very slow. So although they performed fairly well in the first game, in the second they were both destroyed easily before they got close to the enemy.

At I think 62 points with a rocket launcha (This may have gone down in the leaked chapter approved points) they are quite a points sink for something that doesn't do much in the game and tactically doesn't have a lot of significance either. Their inclusion is just because I love how they look!

So if you have had success with them let me know how! I do like the scorchas now, but they're no good if I can't get close enough with them!

So I think there will just be one Killa Kan in the force for a while now, the next one is primed and ready so when I have the chance I will get the next one started.

However, myself and Kaelo have now given ourselves a goal of completing 550 points by the time we play our first campaign game in the first week of January. So I have two more Ork Boyz to finish before completing some Stormboyz and then some Ork Nobz!

I do have a fair amount of time off over the course of December so I will hopefully achieve this!

So thanks again for reading, next time i'll have the second squad of Ork Boyz completed and then some campaign content in January!

Aveinus Kaane

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  1. I greatly approve of this post. Best army, best clan. All the points to you!