Sunday 3 December 2017

Weekly Progress Report 03/12/2017

Hi guys. 

Let's show you what we have all been working on. 

Atia finished Typhus, former First Captain and Herald of the Plague God. Now that the Death Guard is battle ready, the next thing to do is a nice Zone Mortalis Necromunda Board ...

Hector has continued doing conversions for his Mechanicum army. He had a random idea during the week along the lines of "you know what an abeyant needs? Legs!"

Kaelo has had a busy week with work and has found limited time to work on his Goliath gang. He has put down most of the base colours for the gang and they are probably only a paint session or 2 away from being completed. He has  managed to complete the gangs bases too, again following the Warhammer TV guide.

Darien has been continuing with his Zone Mortalis board. Not much progress this week, hopefully next week will see some big leaps forward with the project!!

I myself have been working on the initial 4 gangers required for the Turf War mission. Hopefully I will get them wrapped up on Tuesday night. 

What have you been up to? How are your gangs coming along?

Drake Seta


  1. Have y'all seen the #hobbystreak on twitter/Instagram?

    I've been using that to chip away at my iron warriors and station111 Kickstarter

    1. Hi Liam. I will have a look at getting some chipping colour paint. Cheers.

  2. I've been building my Eschers. It's kind of a pain, since I decided to re-do all the feet so they're actually wearing reasonable shoes, but they're coming along pretty nicely. Hopefully I'll get a decent day to do some spray priming soon, and I can get some paint on them.

    1. Awh. Poor ladies. As you know, when a girl goes out with other girls they want to look their best! Makeup, hair done and new high heels!

    2. It ain't worth it if all it means is you leave a good looking corpse. Besides, shoes aren't the focus of fashion this season. Right now, it's all about accessorizing with sprays of your enemy's blood ;)

      Seriously, tho, look at the bases they come with, and the SM Terrain. No one in their right mind would wear heels on those.

  3. I've been looking at my Salamanders and working out what they need doing to finish them. So that's my next few weeks or months doing detailing on them plus a contemptor that's been added and a Spartan will finish them off!
    Then it's time to pick a new project!!

  4. In a complete shock to no one I am looking at my Thousand Sons to build.