Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Bad Moon Orks: Ork Boyz 2

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a good break over the holidays, I'm back with another quick post to show you the second group of ten ork boyz that I finished just before Christmas. Unfortunately I won't have much more than completed units to show you until myself and Kaelo start our Ork vs Ultramarine campaign in the not too distant future.

We're currently trying to find a happy medium between the games we'd both like to play in the campaign along with how the campaign will actually work. We'd also like to give you an idea of what the campaign will look like so we're working on a way to present that here on the blog but in a way that isn't too complex and time consuming for us to do. Stay tuned more on that soon though!

So onto the boyz!

These feel like they took an age to paint but finally I have a full twenty completed! Both myself and Kaelo are pretty close to being able to field 500 points of painted models so that is the level we are going to start our campaign games.

I have actually completed 11 ork boyz in this batch so I can move the Ork Nob from the first set of boyz into a dedicated unit of five Ork Nobz which will be used as the body guard for my Ork Warboss. 

I have also realised that I haven't really put enough markings on both groups of the boyz armour plating. So I have decided to shave the raised areas off of the boyz helmets so I can add spikes or flames to the next batch to balance it out.

They do however have it on the tiny and probably useless armour on their backs! lol.

Not the best photo but it shows the full twenty in all their glory before they get shot to bits.

Due to a pretty productive christmas I have now completed ten Gretchin and I am half way through the Ork Nobz! so I should have them ready to show next time!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane


  1. They look great (as always). Looking forward to seeing the Waaagh get bigger. How many Boyz do you expect eventually?

    1. Not sure really, definitely 30. Me and Kaelo have talked about having three troops choices for our games when we get to 2000 points so by that point I'll probably have 40 haha. But who knows beyond that!