Sunday, 7 January 2018

Weekly Progress Report 07/01/2018

Hi all

Another year (hopefully a better one) and our first week of progress. 

Hector has built all the skitarii sub-assemblies for his Mechanicum army. Next week he's going to get started on his Myrmidons.

Atia started the new year with some work on the Zone Mortalis - the finished tiles will look like this:

Aveinus has been working on his next troop choice for his orks. He'll be fielding some Grots so he can take his ork boyz in a bigger unit!

Kaelo, always one for creating himself extra work, has been finishing off his kitbashed Inceptors. As a fan of the rules but not really the aesthetic, he has used base Intercessor marines to create something which looks a bit closer to the old Assault marines. They will still play as Inceptors and are more of a preference for Kaelo than a whole rule change thing. Although, he would love to do his own Warscroll eventually.

As you may have seen, I have completed my Necromunda gang Mulieres Mortis. I would like to find some time this week to start writing some background fluff for them. 

Drake Seta


  1. My progress (and a new years resolution) was to actually have a game of 30k last week!! 2000 points of my Salamanders v Night Lords including both Primarchs. I won but Kurze took down Vulkan! Might just be me but Vulkan is not that good in a fight!!

    1. its ok. he is a perpetual...

    2. No wonder he keeps on dying though!!

    3. Vulkan is a tough person to bring down.

      Yeah more gaming is definitely a great resolution. Sometimes we spend so long prepping that we forget to get some fun games in.

    4. Well he didn't seem so tough when Kurze took him down!! Admittedly in one round of combat I did fail to hit with all 4 attacks!!

      And yeah I've got to about 4000 points of Salamanders and it's time to start using them!!

  2. Nice progress, and as I always say: as long as you are happy with what you created (progress wise in this case) than that's fine.
    As an aside I would love to see what the bunnies got for Xmas, as a sort of sneak peek as to what may be gracing the blog at a matter date.
    This week's progress has been massive: I finished my genestealer cult forces, my 10 custodes, my primaries marines and have continued work on my skitarri and hours heresy ultramarines.

  3. Good work everyone. Solid start to the year.