Sunday, 7 January 2018

Maggotkin of Nurgle review

Hi all. 

We have been sent a Age of Sigmar Battletome to review. This time it is me reviewing the book mainly from a fluff and model bias as I really love the Nurgle range. 

It is another beautifully presented Book from Games Workshop with a gloss and matte cover. 


Throne! What a git! That is very grimdark!!! Yesss! 

The Visions of Decay section is grossly brilliant. The Great Unclean one is an awesome update from the previous resin model in my opinion. 

Thankfully the book also contains a section about how to paint your models, especially as Nurgle paint schemes can be very hit and miss when trying to do them right. 

The 3 different types of Heralds are a cool inclusion in my opinion, as you can never have enough characters. Poxbringers, Sloppity Bilepipers and Spoilpox Scriveners. 

Poxbringers are the standard Lieutenant type for Grandfather Nurgle. They lead their kin into battle with “gallows humour”. They have Eruptive Infestation, a spell that when cast can cause d3 mortal wounds. 

Sloppity Bilepipers are my favourite though. They are Plaguebearers which were infected with a form of comedic fever. The Bilepipers entertain the horde by telling jokes and singing songs. The contagion they carry can be so contagious that it literally splits the sides of humans etc as they laugh themselves to death. In game terms, they effect the bravery characteristic positively for any friend within 7” and negatively for any foe within 7”. 

Spoilpox Scriveners are the Maggotkin’s taskmasters. They ensure that the Plaguebearers keep count of their diseases. In game mechanics, it forces Plaguebearers within 7” to pull their weight better when it comes to making charge rolls. 

And to top it all off. This. This Tree is awesome!!!!

Drake Seta

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