Thursday 11 January 2018

Hobby Christmas Gifts


I was reading the comments from our latest weekly progress report and saw that Simon would like to see what we got for Christmas. I thought this was a great idea and well, here we are:

These were a gift from my family for both Christmas and my birthday (I might have dropped a hint and a couple of links to Amazon... 😜). This is my first airbrush kit, I've never done it before but my intention is to at the very least start doing priming and basic base coating with this. It'll be nice to be not reliant on preferable weather to prime my models but instead do it whenever I like - particularly with how many models I need to prime for my latest project - the last thing I want is to wait for the weather to get warmer and drier, rush priming all the models in one go due to impatience and then find I've messed it up and need to strip the models and start again!

As for the rest of Christmas, just the usual really: socks, deodorant, chocolate and crazy amounts of food and cheer!

So yes, at least what I am looking forward to this year is learning how to use this airbrush, hopefully get competent at it and another hobby weapon to my arsenal.

Did you guys get anything interesting for Christmas this year? Some kits to compliment your existing army or to start a new one? Hobby related stuff like myself?

Until next time,

Hector Cephas


  1. I got the HH books Ruinstorm and Old Earth from my girlfriend for Christmas and birthday. Finished Ruinstorm (brilliant book) and now on Old Earth (great read so far)!!

  2. Yay! Congratulations mate. That’s a great gift to get for Xmas. Looking forward to seeing your progress with it.

    Presents wise: I didn’t get anything hobby related unfortunately. :(

  3. Sweet. Thanks for indulging me! Niw do i smell an airbrush toutorial comming to the blog?
    I got my first unit of thallax and built them already, and some other odds and ends to complete armies.

    1. I will try to if I discover anything useful. Might not be a bad shout to do a lessons learnt style post from a complete newbie :)

      I believe there is a post by Ahmose about dry tip already so if there's anything else any of us can think about that would be useful we can put our thoughts down and add the airbrush label to the post to make them all easy to find :)

  4. very nice. welcome to spraying, wear a mask and vent that puppy out a window or into a box filled with wet paper towels or a bucket of water to catch those paint particles :)

    1. Yup, that's exactly why I've got the extractor fan for it - what's not in the photo is the hose that attaches to the back and has a nozzle for the window :)

      I think I need to rearrange my room to optimise my set up :p

  5. That is a good Christmas present! :)
    Do you know how much that all cost? I am hoping to convince my family in to buying me one too :P