Sunday 14 January 2018

Weekly Progress Report 14/01/2018

Hi all

Another progress report. 

Hector has continued on with his Mechanicum project this week - he's washed and assembled 12 Myrmidons for the army and now he's almost ready for painting. Don't be surprised if there isn't much of an update next week as he'll be reorganising his bedroom ready to set up his paint station for airbrushing.

Kaelo, Aveinus and the gang from Age of Warhammer have been working on a massive world map for their Fantasy, non-linear campaign. You can see one of the planning sketches below and can expect to see an update on it in the not too distant future. They need one more set of Mighty Empire tiles, let us know if you have an unpainted set you want to get rid of!

Atia worked hard to finish the first Necromunda Zone Mortalis tile. More are on the worktable!

I myself have had a semi busy week with planning for my garage conversion. I needed to test the foundations where the old garage door is, to see if they would be suitable for building over. They are not. So a bit more planning but the work is nearing a start date now :)

Drake Seta


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  2. Started work on a dual kheres assault cannon contemptor to give my Salamanders some air cover!!

  3. I'm working on another leviathan and a converted forgelord for my salamanders. Next up is garro and finally going to buy firedrakes.

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