Tuesday 6 February 2018

Necromunda: Gang War Two review

Hi all. 

Managed to grab one of the Gang War Two supplements this weekend. 

The Original Gang War was a great book, focusing on how to play a Campaign with great advice regarding duration and limitations. 

This book focuses on the 3rd Gang which has been reintroduced to this edition: Orlocks. It has a full list for them, as with the Escher and Goliath Gang in Book One. I foresee them being quite a durable Gang as they all have Mesh Armour with a 5+ save. 

It also provides rules for Hired Guns in the form of Bounty Hunters and Hive Scum. Neither can gain experience or purchase advancements, but they can be very helpful additions for a single game here and there.  The stat lines for the Bounty Hunters also include what appears to be a Squat Bounty Hunter stat line akin to Grendl Grendlsen. 

It also has rules for Hangers-on which includes Rogue Docs (which have a skill which gives you a second chance when you roll out of action, when assisting a friendly fighter who is making a recovery test) as well as 3 other types. 

The book also includes a Dramatis Personae (great touch) which gives you the rules for 7 Special Characters. 

There are no stats or rules for Beasts in this edition (so I expect we will see them in Gang War Three as the models are stunning and look to be finished), so that may be the reason why Slate is not in this book. 

It also has rules for the characterful Badzone Delta-7 Game tiles set. 

Great book which leaves you hungry for more. 


  1. So did they finally put armor in the trading post? I've been scratching my head on how Juves are supposed to get armor, even after they've been promoted.

    1. Qlippot if u look at the contents page under armoury it says pg 33 armour

    2. Gang War 1 has Rules for various types of Armour, but they're not included in the Trading Post list, so there's no way to buy them. I don't see a Trading Post update in the GW2 table of contents anywhere.

    3. What WestRider said. I know there's rules for armor. Heck, GW1 had rules for Orlock mesh armor even though nobody could use it yet.

      The issue is nobody can buy it, and Juves don't start with any.

    4. Hi. It’s still not an item which can be purchased unfortunately. Pg33 just lists armour types.

  2. Does it have the new weapons for all the gangs? Can't wait for the resin upgrades!!

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