Monday, 9 April 2018

Alpharius previewed

Here he is. 

Another great sculpt in my opinion. Primarch Alpharius. 

Warhammer Community:
While Alpharius is known for his variety of disguises and love of deception, this rendition of Alpharius portrays him in his full panoply of war, and fits perfectly with any Alpha Legion units you already have. Unlike all other Primarchs, he’s been depicted with his helmet on – for all we know, there could just be a particularly talented legionnaire in there while Alpharius hides in one of your Tactical Squads

Alpharius will be available on general release soon, but those of you looking to seize the initiative and strike first will be able to grab him at Warhammer Fest.


  1. Just when I was thinking from taking a break from Horus Heresy! Great model

  2. Probably the best looking primarch yet, really hoping they’ll start giving other primarch a helmet swap options too.

  3. Alpha Legion were my first 40K Army, so I've been looking forward to him since they started doing Primarchs, but even setting that aside, I think he's the best of the line so far. Great dynamic posing, amazing detail, and he's actually wearing his damn helmet ;)

  4. Beautiful sculpt. So, which is Simon sculpting currently!? Khan or Sanguinius? Please be Sangi please of please. Who of you awesome bunnies are going to warhammer fest in May?