Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Community Question: What Citadel terrain should GW do next?

Hi all

Still on my massive terrain kick at the moment, and tonight I was just thinking about what Inwould like to see GW do next. 

The Sector Mechanicus range has been fantastic, with people filling boards across the world with the kits in this range. I have still got a way to go, but it is looking great. 

I would love to see a urban Mag-lev train for Sector Mechanicus. Picture the old school ones on Gantries in Films like Warriors. It would be easy to do too (if well planned the sprues could be tracks too lol). A nice control carriage and passenger carriage, a handful of supports and track clips, and you have a something which if multiple kits are not purchased, is just a ruined decrepit line, or if you purchase 2-3 sets you have a long train and the potential to run it across a 6x4 board. A few old school stair ways (not ladders) and it would look awesome. 

Webway gate. Why have we not got one of these yet lol. 

Also I'm still gagging for more Zone Mortalis terrain. 

What would you like to see

Drake Seta