Wednesday 11 April 2018

Community Question: What Citadel terrain should GW do next?

Hi all

Still on my massive terrain kick at the moment, and tonight I was just thinking about what Inwould like to see GW do next. 

The Sector Mechanicus range has been fantastic, with people filling boards across the world with the kits in this range. I have still got a way to go, but it is looking great. 

I would love to see a urban Mag-lev train for Sector Mechanicus. Picture the old school ones on Gantries in Films like Warriors. It would be easy to do too (if well planned the sprues could be tracks too lol). A nice control carriage and passenger carriage, a handful of supports and track clips, and you have a something which if multiple kits are not purchased, is just a ruined decrepit line, or if you purchase 2-3 sets you have a long train and the potential to run it across a 6x4 board. A few old school stair ways (not ladders) and it would look awesome. 

Webway gate. Why have we not got one of these yet lol. 

Also I'm still gagging for more Zone Mortalis terrain. 

What would you like to see

Drake Seta


  1. Well next will be the terrain we saw in the Kill Team video I guess, but I would like to see some civilian things like cars, trucks and living quarters. Also some scatter pieces for the xenos races would be nice.

  2. Might just be me but pre painted terrain! I'm not a fan of painting and pre painted would be a massive help!
    I understand people want to paint terrain but painted and nonpainted versions of scenery i can see being viable!!

  3. More LOS blocking parts that are low and wide.
    Ork terrain, especially stuff that would be compatible with Sector Imperalis/Mechanicus parts.
    Race specific versions of the Imperial Bastion.

  4. More Xenos architecture, why is it I’m always battling on Imperial worlds, lets take the fight to the dirty Xenos. A modular Necron Obelisk terrain set would be easily done, a few Wraithbone structures, more Tau akin the the table at WHW, Ork accessory sprue to orkify any of the above/Vehicles/make ramshackle buildings. Failing that, a Hab block modular kit so we can make LOS blocking terrain or lowly agriworld terrain...

  5. Either some plastic tyranid spore chimneys and capillary towers or maybe some civilian structures. (Hab blocks, adeptus arbites precincts, etc)

  6. Sector Mechanicus is now a pretty huge range. Maybe they could add 2 or 3 more kits to the Sector Imperialis (which Kill Team will supposedly do) and then they should crank out some Xenos terrain. The Eldar, T'au, and Necrons would be great candidates for it.

  7. Agree with Miserum re civilian vehicles: a 50s style saloon car with fins and Aquila, a pickup truck and a cargo hauler. Present them all as new and let modellers convert them into scenery as they see fit. They'd be popular, I reckon.

  8. For something completely new, yeah, civilian vehicles (possibly with the option to build them still intact and incorporate them into Genestealer Cult Armies or as a Transport for Chaos Culties) and a Webway gate seem like the coolest possibilities to me.

    What I actually want most right now, tho, is just a repack from the Sector Mechanicus line: A set with none of the tanks or ventstacks, just a Stanchion Sprue and one of each of the Platform and Walkway Sprues. Or maybe kick it up yet another notch and throw in one more each of the Stanchions and straight Walkways.

  9. There's suppose to be an Eldar Web Gate in the Harlequin Codex with a new model

  10. With the excavation of Blackstone a major part of current narrative I think a set of Servo Excavators, digging machines, drills including some with pegs to go on the Sector Mechanicus terrain, a couple servitors and some conversion bits to turn Genestealer cultists into ordinary miners.