Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Mechanicum crane construct

Hi all

Another terrain post on the build up to the TOC Walk UK 2018. 

So Xmas 2018, I got my son a crane. I looked at it longingly as he played with it thinking “when it breaks its mine!” Around 5 months later and it is still going strong so I bought my own from eBay!

I have done a bit to it as you can see below!

So I glued various pieces from the Sector Mechanicus terrain kits to this toy. 

I decided to do a magnet clamp. I have seen some grabbing claws (which I prefer) but due to lack of spare parts a magnet will do (see the terrain at the bottom though). 

A nice chimney at the rear. 

Offcut chequer plating too. 

Before spray job. 

So far it is just Mephiston red spray can over black. I will be adding some more chains (and replacing the string if I get time). Chipping and painting won’t take too long. 

The great work done by the Warhammer World team. 

A true imperial Crane, but one which would take me a bit too long. 

And it’s magnet!!

Drake Seta