Sunday, 27 May 2018

Weekly Progress Report 27/05/2018

Hi all

Hector has continued working on his Necromunda scenery this week - he's most of the way done now with building it all, he'll have it all built really soon. He is also attending an event in a month or so from now and has decided to make a couple new characters for his Imperial Fists legion as a result - they've since been primed and the praetor is being held weirdly as his arms aren't glued on yet!

Atia managed to finish the "Raven Queens" this week! More Necromunda stuff is on the to do list 🙂

I have been working on some 28mm Titan battlefield terrain this week (see post from Wednesday) and have now done the 7 ladders needed for the Silos. 

I have also started another terrain project which I hope you come back to see on Wednesday. 

Battle Bunnies


  1. That Praetor is epic!

    I think I really need to take the plunge and get some MDF terrain if I ever want a decent game at home. GW plastic terrain is great but takes up hell of a lot of room.

    1. Cheers, I made the praetor using the FW Event Traitor Praetor model, GW Black Templar Emperors Champion (helmet + sword) and Lysander (shield).

      Completely agree on the storage sentiment! My City Sector scenery is so bulky and takes up so much room purely because of the awkwardness of the shapes (if you want to build a ruin then it's not going to look regular!) whereas the MDF stuff I have packs away much better and I think I can optimise that further.