Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Sector Mechanicus: Base layers down on Tank farm

Hi all. 

As you may be aware I am helping with the Titan Owners Club Walk UK 2018 event, in the form of terrain building :)

So big models need big terrain:

Ever since having my son Nathaniel, I always kept an eye on items that could be used for terrain from the plethora of baby objects laying around. If you have been following my progress you may know that these are powder containers. 

I have been painting these from Black for 3 hours now :) I just used spray cans (no air brush). 

I used the transfer sheet which I made for Zone Mortalis (see our downloads) for some of the Tank markers and text.

They are still a good 3 hours from being finished, but thought I would share my progress. So pipes, weathering and a few more details left. 

Before painting began today:

You can see that my Reaver Death Knell can consider them terrain. 

Thanks for reading. 

Drake Seta