Monday 18 June 2018

Siege wall progress 18/06/2018

Hi all. 

Working like a crazy man currently to get ready for the TOC UK 2018 Walk. It’s a pretty damn daunting deadline to be absolutely honest. 11 days to go and I’m still here:

So far I have a total of 16ft of Siege Wall started. I want it to go diagonal across my 36x16ft mat and have a few crossing points for Engines and Knights. I think a wall which has already been laid low may be the best solution fo this event, so I am considering 8 complete sections and 4 broken sections and 1 gate section (each section is 2ft long), which should give me a 26ft Siege Wall. 

I’m thinking that by the end of tomorrow night I should have 16ft hopefully to a stage where merlons have started to be added. Then I need 4x ruined sections and a gate shortly after (hopefully on the 22nd when I have a day off).

Next on my plate are some multi poseable roads to break up the monotony of the board and some ferrocrete sections for Cities and terrain to go on. 



  1. Wow. Great progress. An inspirational project!

  2. That is truly insane. Very impressed, exited to see the "board" with all the terrain on it.