Wednesday 11 July 2018

House Malinax Knights start (almost)

Hi all

Well I couldn't wait to paint another big miniature after those damnable Siege Walls I have been working on for months. So I decided to start my next project; a House Malinax Banner!!

Now this Knight House is a perfect choice for me as they marched with Mortis and the Rout on Prospero. Also the new Adeptus Titanicus game pairs Mortis with Malinax on the transfer sheet. 

So I ransacked my house looking for Knights and found around 7 Questoris Knights and 4 Cerastus pattern Knights. I have decided to start with the Questoris Pattern Knights as they are a bit more simple to do. 

I followed a scheme which reader Commisar Ibram Gaunt put up a long time ago in a comment as it is impossible to get it from FW now. 

Colour scheme: 
Undercoat choas black

- Basecoat leadbelcher
- wash 50:50 nuln oil and seraphim sepa

Armour plates:
- base tamiya flat earth
- layer wood deck tan
- layer 50:50 wood deck tan and desert yellow
- highlight previous layer with a little white scar

Armour trim:
- base 50:50 leadbelcher amd adeptus battle grey
- wash nuln oil
- drybrush edges leadbelcher
- stipple edges randomly with typhus corrosion 

Entire model
- wash 50:50 of nuln oil and seraphim sepia
- thin ryza rust using lahiam medium and flow into creases, joints and recesses as desired

So as you all should know by know I am a lazy painter, so I have chosen to leave all armour plates on the sprue prior to painting. 

I painted the beetlebacks with the first 3 steps in the Armour Plates comment above. Before I did this I tested how the 2nd step would look next to the 3rd step. I thought to myself; "hmm. Why would you layer with a darker colour, maybe Commissar Ibram Gaunt got the  steps muddled up? I know, I'll look at how they look on the webstore!" There I found the Atropos and it's plates look like this:

So then I thought "Yeah he must have muddled them up as that colour is so pale bone, ok I will swap them round :)"

So here from left to right you can see Step 1, Step 3 and Step 2. 

And I was pleased with myself :) 

Then after I finished all pieces and packed away for some late night browsing, I had a look at the Porphyrion. . . 

Now I feel I went too bone pale . . . Soooo I have ordered more paints and am going to layer it up again and do steps 1-3 in order, with maybe just a little bit of step 2 to finish it off again before Step 4. 

Drake Seta


  1. You just happened to have 11 knight laying around your house? Even with an understanding significant other I might get some reminder about doing the models I have before buying more if I did that. Well be that as it may. I like the coloring you have on the beetle backs, the slightly more pail tone actually looks better than the darker one on the Porphyrion. It looks more like a real desert camo than just a beige paint job. This is probably the nicest "official" color scheme so it will be interesting to follow your work on these.

    1. Come to thing about it... I have twelve nights unassembled (plus one in paint).. but six of them are Armigers so they do not count, right?

    2. Lol. Armigers are half Knights, but after the recent Walk, we have a new found respect for their prowess.

      Yeah I bought 2 of the Renegade boxed games (old one and new one) because the deal was too good to ignore, so I have them 4 untouched and I guess I bought 3 other Beetlebacks before that.

  2. Have you done the "wash 50:50 of nuln oil and seraphim sepia" step yet? If not you will find that this darkens it up nicely. I did mine with just the seraphim sepia sprayd on with an airbrush, and you can control how dark the finished product is based on the number of passes with the airbrush. I probably went too dark with mine but I'm happy with it :-)

  3. “So I ransacked my house looking for Knights and found around 7 Questoris Knights and 4 Cerastus pattern Knights” Haha haha... made me laugh out loud. I can imagine your house now, Titans, Knights, HH and Necromunda, Terrain, Wallls... oh, and a bed somewhere... sleep in the bath, sod it. Ha ha

    1. It’s a hobby madhouse. After my Gaming room is finished, hopefully I will be able to keep better track of my purchases!!

  4. 11 knights just laying around?! Yikes...I thought I was bad finding 4 on my bitz shelves...

  5. The Porphyrion featured in FW photos is no way the same scheme as the Atrapos featured in FW photos, I wouldn't worry too much about about trying to match your Malinax to both. The Porphyrion seems like it's done in the Tamiya paint scheme whilst the Atrapos is waaaaay paler and seems more like the GW/Vallejo scheme.

  6. Garr, what’s the GW/Vallejo scheme?

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