Wednesday, 11 July 2018

House Malinax Knights start (almost)

Hi all

Well I couldn't wait to paint another big miniature after those damnable Siege Walls I have been working on for months. So I decided to start my next project; a House Malinax Banner!!

Now this Knight House is a perfect choice for me as they marched with Mortis and the Rout on Prospero. Also the new Adeptus Titanicus game pairs Mortis with Malinax on the transfer sheet. 

So I ransacked my house looking for Knights and found around 7 Questoris Knights and 4 Cerastus pattern Knights. I have decided to start with the Questoris Pattern Knights as they are a bit more simple to do. 

I followed a scheme which reader Commisar Ibram Gaunt put up a long time ago in a comment as it is impossible to get it from FW now. 

Colour scheme: 
Undercoat choas black

- Basecoat leadbelcher
- wash 50:50 nuln oil and seraphim sepa

Armour plates:
- base tamiya flat earth
- layer wood deck tan
- layer 50:50 wood deck tan and desert yellow
- highlight previous layer with a little white scar

Armour trim:
- base 50:50 leadbelcher amd adeptus battle grey
- wash nuln oil
- drybrush edges leadbelcher
- stipple edges randomly with typhus corrosion 

Entire model
- wash 50:50 of nuln oil and seraphim sepia
- thin ryza rust using lahiam medium and flow into creases, joints and recesses as desired

So as you all should know by know I am a lazy painter, so I have chosen to leave all armour plates on the sprue prior to painting. 

I painted the beetlebacks with the first 3 steps in the Armour Plates comment above. Before I did this I tested how the 2nd step would look next to the 3rd step. I thought to myself; "hmm. Why would you layer with a darker colour, maybe Commissar Ibram Gaunt got the  steps muddled up? I know, I'll look at how they look on the webstore!" There I found the Atropos and it's plates look like this:

So then I thought "Yeah he must have muddled them up as that colour is so pale bone, ok I will swap them round :)"

So here from left to right you can see Step 1, Step 3 and Step 2. 

And I was pleased with myself :) 

Then after I finished all pieces and packed away for some late night browsing, I had a look at the Porphyrion. . . 

Now I feel I went too bone pale . . . Soooo I have ordered more paints and am going to layer it up again and do steps 1-3 in order, with maybe just a little bit of step 2 to finish it off again before Step 4. 

Drake Seta