Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Adeptus Titanicus - Maniple and Engine names

Hi all. 

With Adeptus Titanicus dropping shortly I thought I would help get the Titan juices (specifically the Legio Mortis juices in this case) flowing for the new 8mm range. 

So we all love naming our Engines though it can be a bit of a struggle, but worth it as it is a well known fact that named and painted Engines perform better.

Of course you can always name your Engines to match the existing Engines in the FW Black books, which is still great, but sometimes people want to write their own legacies.

I thought I would share my Axiom and Myrmidom Maniple names and their associated Engine names (including load-outs) with you as well as a little bit about my naming convention. 

I have chosen to use a lot of English Gothic/old world words in my naming structures, mainly due to my affinity for names like Dread Wake and Mortmain. 

“Bloodmire” Axiom Maniple (1 Warlord, 2 Reavers, 2 Warhounds). I chose the name Bloodmire as I envisioned ground so saturated with the blood of their foes, that it was like a swamp. Obviously Mire is grim and darker word for this so I came up with Bloodmire. 

Warlord: Bone Garland {2x Belicosas and a pair of Laser Blasters} - it’s known that Mortis like to decorate their Titans with the bones of their enemies, so I pictured bones all strung together dangling all over my Engine. Garland is also a very classic word, so I chose the name Bone Garland for my Princeps Senioris. 

Reaver: Death Knell {Melta cannon, Apocalypse Missile launcher and Laser Blaster} - “your time is up” stuck with me as a phrase, so when your time is up a bell should be rung. I looked into this and found: A dead bell or deid bell (Scots), also a 'death', 'mort', 'lych', 'passing bell' or 'skellet bell' was a form of hand bell used in Scotland and northern England in conjunction with deaths and funerals up until the 19th century. I was torn between Lych Bell or Death Knell for a long time, but Death Knell just pipped it. 

Reaver (or next 28mm Engine): Malignum {Gatling Blaster, Warp Missile Support Rack, Volcano cannon} - wicked, malicious
spiteful, malignant, malign. Well he does have Warp missiles. 

Warhound: Seething Hunter {Plasma Blastgun, Twin Turbo Laser Destructor} - Seething is a word I love. The fury and intensity behind it just sounds great. Everyone has been so angry they are Seething with rage at least once in their life. Couple that to a hunched and already loping Engine like a fast Warhound and it is a furious hunter chasing down it’s quarry. 

Warhound: Canticum Malitae {Vulcan Megabolter and Twin Turbo Laser Destructor} - I wanted to use Sonet Malitae but unfortunately Sonet could not translate or be used as a Latin word so I went for Song of Malice. 

“Glory Mourned” Myrmidom Maniple (3 Warlords, 2 Reavers). After an Empire falls in the Great Crusade, all the “Compliant” people can do is mourn their former glory. 3 Warlords and 2 Reavers are sure to assist in this. 

Warlord: Seething Released {Mori Quake Cannon, Paired Gatling Blasters and Sunfury Plasma Annihilator} - Once again; Seething. The moment you vent that fury is a good feeling. A Titan whose fury shakes the ground and fires a weapon with the fury of a sun, what better a name? 

Warlord: Edax Animae {Macro Gatling Blaster, Vulcan Mega-bolter array, Arioch Titan Power Claw} - literally Soul Eater. 

Warlord: Maxilla Larcener {2x Belicosas and paired Apocalypse Missile Launchers} - Well during play through, one of my friends kept mispronouncing Maniple as Mandible for our first (as of that point unnamed) Titan. Sooo I plugged mandible into a Thesaurus and Maxilla was mentioned. As Mortis once again take bones from their foes (stealing) I decided to use Larcener as a follow up word as it rhymed quite well. 

Reaver: Luna Mortuis {Gatling Blaster, Turbo Laser Destructor, Reaver Titan Chainfist} - Dead moon. 

Reaver: Sunder Squall {2x Gatling Blasters and Apocalypse Missile Launchers} - A loadout just to strip shields and take down smaller prey. Once again 2x words which have fallen from regular diction, but are great words. Squall: “a sudden violent gust of wind or localized storm, especially one bringing rain, snow, or sleet.” So a squall so Powerful it sunders foes. 

So if you want to play the naming game, tell us about the names you will be using for your Maniple in comments below.