Sunday, 12 August 2018

Adeptus Titanicus Legio Mortis painting guide

Hi all

As with my bigger Maniple, I have tried to paint my AT Engines in the same scheme. 

This my Warlord Titan; Maxilla Larcener. It is 90% done at this stage. 


So we start of by assembling to this stage. 

Height comparison shot. 

Chaos black all over then Leadbelcher all over with a light drybrush of Iron breaker. 

I painted the main plates Corvus Black. The red plates are Gal Vorbak to Word Bearer to Angron Red. 

I painted the trims with Vallejo brass 

The arc markers were painted in the same way. They will be weathered soon. 

I made some Gunshield transfers (with variations too). To do these I started with White as an undercoat. 

Then I trim each shield transfer into 4 segments. 

As the transfers were printed on clear paper the clear panels now show white when placed on the Gun shield. 

It’s a perfect fit. 

All transfers added. I think white transfers are only available on the Warlord Titan Transfer sheet (coloured and special ones look like they are the only ones on the Legio Mortis sheet which is coming soon). 

I made transfers for the knees. 

Engine pre-waxing and Weathering. 

Size and look comparison. 

Heat bloom weathering. Sigismund yellow, Pyroclast orange, Angron Red, Eidolon purple and Calth Blue. 

I then used Typhon corrosion to add dirt effect in the recesses. This was thinned from section to section depending on how much dirt was required. 

I still need to base Maxilla Larcener as well as adding a few streaks and chips. The banner too. 



  1. That is a great effort mate, love the gun shield transfers, did you weather with an oil rub again or just the Typhus Corrosion? Brilliant stuff. I really like the Mortis Scheme, Gold rich red and black is striking!

    1. Hey Siph. It was just Typhon Corrosion. I am still toying with the idea of the oil rub, but may decide against it.

  2. Ok so I had planned to hold off on getting AT due to Necromunda, Kill Team, Blood Bowl & AoS not to mention 40K, however I’ve crumbled. Therefore I’m after some advice are there any Titan Legions known to have a particular association with the Word Bearers?

    1. Legio Suturvora as above. They are stunning too. They would be my second choice Traitor Titan Legio at this stage :)

  3. Is there a legion who was associated with the death guard, similar to how House Makabius was?

    1. Pretty much Legio Mortis too. But there is mention of another I seem to recall in Vengeful spirit.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the assembly guide! Painting a replica smaller version of your full sized Legio Mortis Warlord was like hitting it with the Willy Wonka shrinking ray. I just wish I could do the reverse once I get my set painted up ;)

    I take it you painted the red with an airbrush? Did you magnetize the torso on the legs or just glue it in position once you glued all of the plates on the frame and place the transfer decals?

    1. Hi Jason. Currently it is just the torso sitting on the waist. It probably is possible to magnetise or mount so it can just swivel, but I haven’t done that yet.

      Yup Reds were done with an airbrush. If you don’t have one I would definitely recommend getting one as soon as possible (just makes life easier).
      I glued all the plates on after painting them off model (and still on sprue).

  5. I see those 90s knights you snuck in that last shot there :p

    They look pretty close to the new scale.

    1. Lol we have just had a battle with them to try out the Knight Rules to see how they perform. :)

  6. Very nice, so jealous of those transfers

  7. Really beautiful! I order my GM edition, so excited to let this consume me for the rest of the year. Will use your thing as a guide.

    Quick question as a UM fanboy, what legion is associated with them at Calth? I may have asked this in another thread but forgot which one I asked. Thanks!

  8. Hi there,

    Is someone attending the Warhammer Fest in Düsseldorf the upcoming weekend?

    I’m going to be there on Sunday. Maybe I can get a few pics if needed.


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  10. Great work on the Warlord! If you could take the time any chance of a size comparison of a new knight next to an old knight please? – I haven’t seen such yet and I’m curious to visualise how much bigger the new ones are as I plan to keep using my older ones alongside newer titans.

    Also is it possible to tell from the fire arc templates how big the Reaver and Warhound base sizes will be please? I’ve asked a few times on the AT facebook group but not got an answer and I’d like to know to order custom bases for my titan legion ASAP (I’m going for 1.5mm high laser cut acrylic to match my other epic). I’m guessing 90mm or 105mm oval for the Reaver? Then 60mm or 80mm round for the Warhound but others guess 75mm oval?