Saturday 11 August 2018

Adeptus Titanicus Rules and Warlord review

Hi all

It’s the 20th of July (or greetings from the past in this case). I have just received a Rules box and Warlord Titan to review. Just as a little bit of background, I’m 36 years old and I first played with AT around 1990 and after Space Crusade, it was my first GW game. So as a nostalgia trip, I am ultra excited for this game (also because I am a massive Engine Head). 

So let’s get into it. 

The Rulesbox is damn nice. I wanted one of theses too, even though I was planning on getting multiple Grandmaster boxes, mainly due to the inner card and book storage system. 
Many people should be familiar with the template sprue at first glance, but it appears thicker and made of acrylic. 
The data terminals are great, though mine have started to warp and bend already, but this is a relatively easy fix (may be the heat). 
The pin/battlefield objectives and fire arcs sprue is very nice. I can imagine many painters already deciding to paint their’s in their Legio’s colours (I know I am). I do especially like the bunkers (would love to see them in 40k scale with the same options). 
The book is fantastic with the rules (as far as I can tell) very linear and in a logical order, not really any of the flick to page xx that some people complained about with the Necromunda book. 

So let’s see how the game works:
Adeptus Titanicus is slightly different from Necromunda in the way Units activate, whereby each side activates a Titan in turn to just move, then in the next phase Damage control phase, they take it in turn to try to repair their engine etc, the combat phase they take it in turns again until the end phase. I at first was wary of this thinking it would be better to follow the Necromunda method, but after playing it, I am very much a fan of the way this game has been designed and how this plays. We have to date had around 5 games, each one has been fun and desperate (even better with onlookers in my opinion). 

Strategy Phase - This is the phase in which orders are issued for Titans, Strategems enacted and initiative is rolled off for. The Orders phase is an ultra tactical step, issuing orders could hinder you in certain aspects especially if you are activating second, as the enemy if it is fast enough can dash out of your fire arcs before you do first fire or while you are doing emergency repairs. Orders include, orders to make Engines to fire when activated in the movement phase, shut down other Engines to make them vent their plasma reactor so they don’t over heat (but they lose their voids which will leave them very Vulnerable) and more. 

Movement - Based on the Engine you can move a certain amount of inches and make a certain amount of 45 degree turns. Once again this goes side to side based on who won the initiative. The data terminals state it in an easy to read system such as 4”/6” and 1/2. The second value can be used if you declare power to locomotors or power to Stabilisers (up your plasma reactor). The movement is reduced if moving in and of side arcs by half (but you can divide it between arcs should you wish). 

Damage control phase - This is a very fun stage. First off if you are pushing your reactor in red or orange you can take damage (basic and advanced rules) or the Titan rebels due to the abuse it is going through. After this your Servitor Clades go to work trying to repair the Weapons/vent the reactor or repair critical damage. The great thing about this is that based on your Servitor Clades, you roll that number of dice and can allocate them as you see fit to the varying values you needed on the dice to enact a repair, for instance you may roll a 1,2,4 and a 5, you could use the 5+ to restore a void and the 4+ to vent some plasma. Happy that you don’t have to declare before you roll as this would slow the game down tremendously. 

Combat phase - Now this is a great phase too, and it is once again written very clearly.
You fire one weapon go through all the to hits, saves, damages etc. for that weapon before moving onto another weapon. This means a Titan can blow out an opponent’s voids moments before ploughing in with it’s heavier weapons to gut the enemy. In my opinion this makes sense, as any experienced Crew would stagger shots (and it played well). It also means in the core game where a Warlord is pitched against a Warlord, the Apocalypse Missile pair are effective against stripping voids, but not able to damage the armour beneath unless it is from the rear or if a particular segment has taken some armour damage. It’s interesting because when 1 on 1 with Warlords, there is a period where the weapons are redundant, but then can be ultra effective when you target a heavily damaged section later (as Belicosas because they are blast weapons cannot target particular segments). 

(Proof painted models are more effective). 

End Phase - Do not forget the end phase! Insist you go through each Titan as you may forget something such as if an Engine has damaged stabilisers it will list left or right, as well as numerous other issues. 

Army Building - This is great! Set a point limit with opponent first (or follow a narrative). You can first decide on a Battline when you start prepping your Maniple. Each different Battleline gives you perks and each Titan costs point costs as per Weapons and Chassis. Then any additional points are spent on other Titans or Knight Households. 

Narrative missions - the book allows you to re-enact famous battles like the attack on the Magma City (Mechanicum) and Battle for the Aritan (honour to the Dead). These are biased in most instances (as they were), but look like they will be lots of fun. There is even a mission where Mortis are being chased across a spit of land and they get the option to turn their waist Gimble 180 so they can fire as they make their escape whilst being hounded by another Legio. 

Warlord Titan!!!!
Yes!! It’s here. I don’t feel I am being biased when I say, this is the best kit GW has ever made. It’s a work of art. I found myself laughing like a madman as I assembled it as I just could not believe how well it fitted together or the detail that was present. 

I’d suggest not gluing the voids on until you fill in the little squares between them with liquid Green stuff/Green stuff. 

Pay attention to the legs too as I accidentally glued the shin back to front on one leg (noticed just as the thigh plates touched each other). 
I decided to keep all Armour plates and the 8 ankle supports separate until after I painted the core skeleton. I also made the decision to keep all Armour plates on the sprue until I painted the core colours (so I glue them on and just do the trims). I have heard since that a few of the FW staff do the same thing. 

Regarding arms and Carapace mounts, they have magnet slots to easily swap arms between Titans. Now, this may be something people don’t expect; the weapon is magnetised above the bicep everything below is glued. So the plastic weapon is glued to the elbow joint, which is glued to the bicep. So if you think that you will be able to swap between weapons (when resin options come out) they will also need a bicep and elbow fixing joint in the resin pack. Otherwise the modeller will need to do some drilling and/or use thinner magnets to join the weapon to the elbow joint (which might not be possible). 

My other suggestion is: glue a magnet to the underneath of your first Titan’s base to enable you to easily check/appraise the polarity (side of magnet) you need to glue to your body/weapon. 
Magnets required are 5mmx1mm!! 8 per Warlord. 

I have a Legio Mortis painting guide coming soon too. So keep your eyes peeled, as well as a first Battle summary, so please come back and have a look if you are interested. 


  1. The weapon sprue comes with Bicep and Weapons so I think it will be okay. So a new Weapon Sprue should also contain Bicep and spare Heads too. Looks great in Mortis colours. So, I might have just ordered a set...

  2. Adeptus Titanicus was actually my first experience with GW stuff, via a family friend's set. I always really loved the Warlords from that original box, and wish I'd been able to buy it myself.

    The system reminds me a little of BattleTech, but with a few extra layers in the decision-making process, and a much simpler damage/critical hit system. Which should make it more tactical and deeper.

    Based on the Maniples we've seen described, it looks like a typical force is going to be 3-5 actual Titans of mixed classes, plus some Knights or other support. Is that about right?

  3. Love u can change out weapons with magnets. I saw a pack of 100 on amazon for 8 US. Would these be used for knights and other future titans like warhounds and reavers? I inly intend tonstay with the two warlords in the GM set. Thanks!

    1. Hey DJ. I think the Reaver and Warhounds are ball jointed on the arms. The Carapace weapon for the Reaver does have a slot though I hear.

  4. I too started with Space Crusade, not knowing it was part of a larger Universe. I remember reading the background booklet which told the tale of something called the 'Age of Strife'. Below was a picture of a huge battle, and towering over was an enormous walking machine with a chainsaw for an arm.

    From that moment I was hooked.

    1. Ha. Everyone remembers the first time they see a board game like Space Crusade or Heroquest :) great games.

  5. Thanks for the really nice descriptions and the great pictures! You have pushed me over the edge and I must buy!! : )