Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Adeptus Titanicus: Card sleeves for dataslates

Hi all

Just thought I would share something that the legend that is Mark Bedford of Forge World recommended to me a little while ago. 

The unfortunate thing about the dataslates is that cards can get knocked and pegs can be jarred whilst you are taking your Maniple for a walk. This resolves the card issue immediately. 

Firstly buy these:

Mini Euro Game Play Card Sleeves...

Wait for them to be delivered. . . 

Step 2: put a AT weapon card in the sleeve and cut the little bit of excess film off the bottom. 

Step 3: remove the card and cut with scissors a little finger half circle at the opening on one side of the film (the top side). 

Step 4: Glue with PVA the sleeve (with card in to check arrangement with the outline behind) onto the dataslate. This obviously should dry clear, but who cares if it doesn’t, you won’t see it anyway. 

Step 5: celebrate by doing 2 whole Maniples in 30 mins. 

Mark also showed me how he magnetised the Pegs. I hope to get to this too soon. 

Drake Seta