Saturday 3 November 2018

Necromunda: House Delaque

Here we go. 

The 6th gang has now been shown. 

The story has changed a bit from the original Trenchcoat sporting chaps. 

They do look quite sinister and slightly Genestealer cult. 

I say it is a welcome change, and I would be tempted to use some of these guys for Imperial Starship crews too. 

Great sculpts as always with the Specialist Games lot. Love the Gunslinger too. 

A new compiled Rulebook too. Definitely worth getting :)


  1. Whilst I love the Gang, you should really tighten up you Adsense settings... a Eastern European woman in tight top with big breasts posing with PhotoVoltaic panels is not really hobby related.... unless the AdMech Voltaic Priests have improved their image?

    1. Lol. It’s based on ads that are semi relevant to your search patterns / browsing history etc. For example I can see a Prusa printer and some P.O.D. Adidas trainers. It’s most of the time game shops too.
      You can click on the arrow in the top right of each banner to change settings too.

    2. I don't recall looking up PV panels - google listens I swear, I had a conversation about renewables...

  2. They look like the Navigator support guys from Dune. The Spice must flow!