Tuesday 6 November 2018

Bad Moon Orks: Battlewagon

Hello everyone,

As promised in my last post I am back to show you my recently completed Ork Battlewagon!

It's an incredible model and was really enjoyable to paint.

Definitely time consuming though as I sprayed the model with Leadbelcher spray before applying a few thinned down layers of Ceramite White, so the Yriel Yellow would go down easily.


I didn't put much thought into the weapon configuration, however, since seeing some reviews of the new codex I will likely be doing a second Bonebreaka variant, so this one can be used as a Battlewagon or Gunwagon.

This Battlewagon will transport my Warboss Gorzod Ironbrakah, his Painboy Zorbaz Bonestitcha and his Meganobz bodyguard.

The Meganobz and the Painboy will be ready to post up soon as well as another Killa Kan.

I do also think a Big Mek with a KFF will be needed to help protect this vehicle, however, it now looks like I may have to go for one in mega armour as the standard Big Mek isn't in the codex anymore!

Well I hope you like it, thanks to the book being released my painting has picked up again for the orks.

Keep an eye out for the Meganobz in the not too distant future!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane


  1. Great Job! Love the BattleWagon kit, its such a great Orky brutal design classic. Not quite the BW I had in the late 80'-early 90's but an instant worthy replacement when it came along. Those Bad Moon bys have all the TEEF to afford such a great ride.

  2. that has inspired me to do mine. see ya in 2 months for the end result