Saturday 24 November 2018

Warbringer Nemesis, new 28mm Titan

The Warbringer Nemesis. Reaver arm weapons (as I expected). It was crafted by Will Hayes (a big fan of the Reaver design). 

The arm weapon looks much like the new Volcano cannon on the next AT Reaver release (maybe this is a goodbye to the current Reaver Volcano cannon?). 

Anti aircraft guns?

6x shooter Quake cannon. That looks awesome. 

Less void shields than the Warlord but more than a Reaver. 

Fantastic design!

Thanks Kaelo


  1. Definitely appears like a cross between reaver and warlord. Looks to be about reaver height, but with Warlord bulk.

  2. Big Fan of the upswept armor design. I don't think that that's a quake cannon though, it looks more like massive artillery. Look at the crew standing on the ramparts. At least one seems to be measuring the distance to a target. Love it

  3. In person, did the quake cannon look like it could fit a warlord arm mount? From the pictures it looks like no, but its hard to tell sometimes. I've been waiting for the Mori to be released but that cannon looks great.

  4. Definitely will be way out of my price range but I wonder how long it will be before this ends up in plastic in the AT game? I love the AT game for the cost and to actually to game with warlords and whatnot.