Friday 7 December 2018

Warbringer Nemesis Titan Delivered

Hi all

Kaelo had his Warbringer Nemesis delivered today, and so I got to get my mits on this lovely Engine and it’s assembly guide. 

A fair few components!!! This looks fun :) though my initial opinion is that it looks easier than a Reaver and Warlord. 

Legs and feet. Well that's damn simple. 

Waist. Step 11 looks like an important one to me too. I have always had issues with pistons at the waist in the past on my other Titan projects. 

Torso. 18 looks critical too. Dry fitting is definitely key. 

Shoulders and defence guns. Interested to see how the guns can be magnetised in stage 34. Looking at point 38, I wonder what it would look like to get Warhounds grade weaponry on those slots with lesser shoulder guards. Will there be a regular Warbringer with out the Nemesis class upgrade?

Further advice. I do like the Head option now with the magnetic capability. Good job FW. 



  1. Got mine today too, but a while away until completed, still have my Warlord to finish!

    1. Ha! Good luck mate. 2x to finish before June.

  2. ooh, what numbers where they? or do these not come with certificates?

    1. Hi Nicolas. Hope you are well. We got certificate #296. It’s joining Titan Owners Club soon. :)