Monday 21 January 2019

New Horus Heresy Models previewed.

Hi all

Some 30k models have been previewed by Forge World. 

Lovely Blood Angels: The Crimson Paladins. 

Some beautiful Night Lord Praetors!

Legion Specific Leviathan! Replete with legless Larry. 

And the giant Aktaeus. It looks like a boarding torpedo. Wow!!

Looking forward to seeing what else is coming next week. :)



  1. That night lords stuff looks like its been given the mainline GW treatment. Not good. Blood angels look amazing but the legs look oddly proportioned? Ordinatus amazing.

    1. I think it's the paint job on the Night Lords that's letting them down,though I do question the choice of the MKIV for the Praetor since Raptors have MKII jump packs. Honestly would have preferred Cataphractii too.

  2. The AdMech vehicle reminds me of the EPIC Imperial Mole.

  3. Compared to Sevetar the new NL Power Armour Praetor looks like a 40k miniature. Chubby and overall dissapointing.
    Those BA on the other hand are looking very good.