Saturday 19 January 2019

Titandeath Reviews

Hi all. 

It's a book I have been waiting for for a long long time. Adeptus Titanicus; Titandeath is finally out for pre-order and Titan Owners Club have a pre-release copy. 

Please head over there to have a look today and tomorrow as we go through this fantastic tome. 

Info on the Legions present can be seen here too. 

Check back there on Sunday too for more. 


  1. Still no rules for the only loyalist Legio of the Triad Ferrum Morgulus. No thanks.

    1. *rules or transfers or weapons. I'd have taken any one. Both the traitor Mortis and Tempestus have rules or transfers or both now.

    2. Hi Peisen. Hopefully Ignatum will be getting there Rules for the Siege of Terra. Can’t imagine them being left out.

    3. Hey Tempestus weren't all traitors 😋