Monday, 28 January 2019

Sanguinius revealed

Hi all. 

Warhammer Community have just dropped Sanguinius. Let’s have a look!

A striking action pose. It is a detailed sculpt, so I am a big fan already. 


  1. I think he looks wonderful and with a head swop could be used in 40k as a alternate Sanguinor too.

  2. Well that's a bit of a let down to say the least! I wonder if it is salvageable with some tweaks to the head/legs/sword arm?

    1. The model will also be released with a LE large base, reckon its a Bloodthirster and his spear. But why do they insist on terrible hair - Sanguinius is meant to be beautiful. The angle of this photo doesn't help, the leg I think is okay.

    2. Fulgrim had the same problem. They need to get Fabio or Dave Mustaine to come in and model what truly fabulous hair looks like for them ;)

  3. Been looking forward to Sanguinius, but I’m a little let down. The quality of the sculpt is really high, but the pose I’m not as big a fan of. The head seems off, similar problem overall to Fulgrim